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presidential candidates. but mitt romney's top adviser got into trouble when he said that when the general elections start, it's going to be like an etch a sketch. you can erase everything that happened before and push the reset button. it wasn't just democrats that pounced, it was also the other republican that are running for president. newt gingrich and rick santorum have been walking around on the campaign trail with an etch a sketch in order to make fun of mitt romney. so we are going to talk to rick santorum on sunday on face the nation and in fact, he mentioned that voting that has been happening tomorrow in the state of louisiana. rick santorum is way up in the polls. >> he is way up in the polls. everybody expects him to win that. how much does it matter when some of that flow of inevidentability is around mitt romney? >> it will give rick santorum some momentum. but certainly it looks like mitt romney will become the ultimate republican nominee. but it's going to take him a while to accumulate enough of the delegates to clinch the nomination. so rick santorum will continue to b
do about it. >> mitt romney inches closer to the republican nomination for the white house. i'm danielle nottingham. i'll have the story coming up. >>> mitt romney inched closer to wrapping up the republican presidential nomination today. the gop frontrunner is being endorsed by former president george w. bush at a campaign event this hour in houston. >> but his rival rick santorum is not ready to give up, not yet. danielle nottingham with the latest on the campaign trail from the white house. >> reporter: the republican primary season is dragging on and mitt romney is picking up more high profile supporters as the pressure mounts to unite behind one candidate. mitt romney is picking up an endorsement from former president george h.w. bush. it's the latest sign that gop leaders are eager to wrap up the primary race and begin the head to head battle with president obama. on wednesday tea party favorite florida senator marco rubio threw his support behind romney saying republicans don't need a floor fight at this summer's convention. romney's closest rival rick santorum seemed
candidate for president. mitt romney is trying to cement his front runner status while rick santorum is working to keep the bid for the republican nomination a two-man race. danielle nottingham is in stupenville, ohio. >> anita, super tuesday's results could make or break the gop candidate's campaigns. the front runners spent a lot of time and money here in ohio. it's a crucial swing state and in this primary could be a big setback. voters in ohio are casting their ballots for a gop presidential nominee. ohio is taking center stage among the ten states holding super tuesday contests. the head to head battle between rick santorum and mitt romney prompted some democrats to weigh in. voting for santorum after supporting president obama in 2008. >> it was not much change, you know. unemployment is terrible. >> mitt romney will vote in the massachusetts primary later today. this morning, he appeared via satellite at the national conference for apac. a pro israel lobbying group. >> i'm sorry my super tuesday travel schedule prevents me from being with you in person. >> as you may know
to see mitt romney. the crowd over flowing that he went outside to meet with people not let in by the fire marshal. home of romney's maryland campaign chairman. maryland shares an april 3 primary date with the district of columbia. in maryland, the winners are chosen by who wins each individual congressional district and then for the winner of the statewide vote in general. romney was here in maryland trying to get as many votes as he could by attacking president obama's economic policy. >> this president promised to cut the deficit in half. he's doubled it. he told us to get us back to work and hold unemployment below 8%. hasn't been below 8% in 37 straight months. he said he cut taxes. that hasn't happened either. this man is out of ideas and he's out of excuses and in 2012, we're going to make sure we get him out of office. >> reporter: romney has been giving no specific references to maryland, other than saying he attended a little league game for governor ehrlich's children. but romney is focusing on economic policy from the obama administration, turning his attack t
'm randall pinkston. i'll have that story. >>> it's a head to head battle in illinois between mitt romney and rick santorum. >> the main two republican presidential hopefuls spent the day trading barbs over each other's economic plans. randall pinkston reports from the white house. >> reporter: mitt romney took the podium in chicago focused on a fall match-up with president obama. >> this election is going to be about principle, our economic freedom will be on the ballot. >> reporter: first romney faces rick santorum in tuesday's illinois primary. romney is fresh from a win in puerto rico and new poll numbers show he is leading santorum by seven point in illinois, but -- points in illinois, but he's not taking any chances. the former governor is quick to point out why he is the better choice for the republican party. >> i'm running in president for part because i have the experience and the vision to get us out of this mess. >> reporter: romney is linking santorum to president obama calling both men economic lightweights. santorum is pushing back. >> you hear him talk about oh, i creat
. >> thanks derek. republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, sured up his front runner status. by winning six of yesterday's ten supertuesday contests. but many of the races were very close, including the key one ohio. and romney didn't do well in the south where he lost to santorum in tennessee and oklahoma. >>> newt gingrich won only the state of georgia. the state he represented in congress, but says he is going to stick it out in this race. still, more and more key republicans like house majority leader, eric cantor, are getting behind romney as the only candidate with the money and organization to take on president obama in the general election. >> mitt romney and the reason why the voters are going to elect him is because he's the only candidate in the race that has a plan to turn this economy around. if you look at all the information coming out of the election, the primary elections last night, it is that issue, the economy and how we're going to get our economy and the deficit straight in washington and get jobs going again is what matters to people. mitt is a good c
about comments he made concerning his rival, mitt romney. >> and i'm scott broom downtown where there's been a dramatic announcement of an arrest and an antigay shooting in columbia heights. when i come back, details on who police say the shooter is. >>> we have new information on an attack on a teenage girl last week in fairfax county. police have released a composite sketch of their suspect. he's believed to be between 20 and 40 years old with short black hair and weighing 170- pounds. he was last seen driving a white four door honda accord. investigators -- after she was walking home from woodson high school in the afternoon. there was a brief struggle and the man took off. the girl was not seriously hurt. >> what a relief. that's how d.c. city council member is describing an arrest announced today and what police say appeared to have been an antigay hate crime. >> shooting of the gay man happened at the ihop in columbia heights march 1 11 and scott broom is live with the latest. scott. >> the alleged shooter is a 27- year-old woman according to police, who briefed us on the shoo
. rick santorum and mitt romney. can romney pull something off that no one expects him to do? win one of these states? >> i think it's possible. but not entirely likely. i think santorum and gingrich would have to be the favorites in both of these states. i'll tell you one thing, if newt gingrich doesn't win at least one of these and do pretty well in the other one, i think he is going to have to make a hard decision on whether he goes on here, it's hard to see the path for him if he can't win in the deep south. that's where most of the strength has been so far. he has been thinking or his plan of attack is to do very well in both of these states and take that momentum into texas where there are a lot of delegates at stake. i think the bottom line here, derek, is this race is a long way from being over. the romney folks are trying to spin it that there's no way anybody else can get the nomination. i'm here to tell you, it may well be that mitt romney can't get enough delegates between now and the republican convention to wrap up this nomination. i think it's going to be at least june
. >>> they showed up in d.c. this morning, carrying sketches for them after one of romney's aids compared them to the toy yesterday. and today while romney was trying to do some damage control, rick santorum was not about to let that one go. >> they are not looking for that. they are looking for someone that is not a great etched in stone candidate. >> the general election campaign takes on a different profile. and the issues that i'm running on will be exactly the same. >> reporter: the republican candidates, they will be facing off this saturday in the louisiana primary. in the meantime, maryland is getting a bit more attention from the gop presidential candidate. the campaign worker says that newt gingrich, he will be in annapolis next week. the former house speaker plans to meet with the business leaders. front runner mitt romney was in our view outside baltimore yesterday. maryland's primary is on april 3. >> reporter: he says it will be bringing more oil to the world market. out on the road defending the energy policies. but as they report, the critics, they are not so impressed. >> hell
mitt romney this past week. isn't it over? shouldn't santorum and gingrich probably think about calling it? >> i don't think they will. i think they're going to hang around at least until pretty close to the convention because there is still the possibility that romney cannot get the required number of delegates to claim the nomination before he goes into this convention. there are a lot of republicans he still hasn't closed the deal with and i think probably both gingrich and especially santorum are just going to hang around to see what happens, but i think frankly, you know, seeing all these endorsements, what that really means is that people think he's going to get the nomination, prominent people in his party, and i'll tell you something else. the fall campaign has already begun because the white house believes that romney is going to get the nomination and that's why joe biden has opened up on mitt romney. he doesn't talk much about any of the others and we'll have a lot of what he has to say sunday in our broadcast when he's our guest. >> bob schieffer at face the nation, thank yo
mitt romney and rick santorum are virtually tied. danielle nottingham reports from steubenville, ohio. >> reporter: lesli, ohio is at the center of tomorrow's 10 state battle. it's gault rich and a chance for the front runners to prove they have -- delegate rich and a chance for the front runners to prove what they have for president obama. mitt romney fired up supporters in canton ohio. he took the stage to make the case why they should vote for him on super tuesday. >> if you think this campaign against president obama is going to be about the economy and jobs and government being too big, then i'm the guy you need to nominate of. >> reporter: romney will spend the entire day campaigning in ohio and so will rick santorum. polls show the two neck and neck here heading into super tuesday's most critical contest. >> i come to the people of ohio as a candidate who shouldn't be here, shouldn't be here if you looked at any political expert and you look at the money that's been spent. >> reporter: santorum will watch the returns in steubenville, but if he wins here, he won't capture the
be for mitt romney to lose michigan. he didn't lose, but did his narrow win leave perhaps a super tuesday window for your two guests to crawl through? >> i love that. i've never heard it quite that said way, derek, but that sounds pretty good to me. i tell you this. i think mitt romney is going to have as hard of time in ohio, which is one of the big prizes on tuesday, as he did in michigan. that thing out there, it's narrowing, but right now rick santorum has a just tiny bit of a lead. i think newt gingrich is looking pretty good in his homestate of georgia which will be another of the big prizes on super tuesday. he may win there. santorum is looking pretty good in tennessee. so i think the bottom line here is a lot of us maybe three months ago thought that this thing would be wrapped up on super tuesday. i think it's not going to be quite that super. i think this race is going to go on for a while and nobody's got a lock on it yet. >> you mentioned rick santorum and there are those who think he actually gave away michigan rather than mitt romney winning it. >> well, you know, i think t
-man race between mitt romney and rick santorum. romney is leading in the polls and counting on the chicago suburbs to help him secure the win. santorum hopes his message will drive conservative voters voters deliver the polls. >>> killing women and children in afghanistan spent a second day meeting with his attorney. >> randall is at the white house where the obama administration said the incident has not changed u.s. policy. >> reporter: told his attorney he has no memory of the time when 16 afghan civilians, including nine children, were murdered. john henry brown says his client is in shock. >> he is being watched very carefully. i'm concerned about his being a danger to himself. >> brown said bails was in custody, is worried about retaliation against his fellow soldiers in afghanistan. the killings sparked protests, calling for u.s. forces to leave, but the top u.s. commander told a congressional committee the mission remains the same. >> i wish i could tell you this was simple, but that's not the way of counterinsurgencies. >> reporter: withdrawal by december 2014. the white hous
in the gop race as they try to catch mitt romney. romny believes one victory in the south could help him lock up that nomination. hawaii holds its caucuses tonight. >> airport crews use cranes to get a delta plane back on the runway as it rolls down an embankment. also ahead, radio shack responds to our report about a customer who was insulted on her receipt. >>> angry afghans take to the streets protesting sunday's massacre. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. i'll have the story coming up. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >>> tonight, president obama is promising a full investigation into the murder of 16 afghan citizens allegedly at the hands of a u.s. soldier. >> danielle nottingham is at the white house where the president says the shooting will not chan
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14